FW: [nvda-spl] SPL add-on 15.14-LTS, last release in 15.x series #addonrelease



Please pass the below announcement onto other StationPlaylist Studio users.




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Subject: [nvda-spl] SPL add-on 15.14-LTS, last release in 15.x series #AddonRelease


Hi everyone,


If you are using StationPlaylist Studio 5.0x and/or are currently using Windows XP, Vista or 7 without Service Pack 1, please listen up:


SPL add-on 15.14-LTS is now available. As stated not long ago, this is the last release in the 15.x series (no more 15.x after this unless a really critical problem is found). Complete support for 15.x will end on April 30, 2018.


For people set to receive LTS updates automatically, 15.14-LTS is now ready to be downloaded and installed. For those who’d like to keep this version for future use or can’t use online update method, the direct link is:



Thank you.



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