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Well My issue is that on web not all messages get displayed if I download via pop/imap I seem to get more messages even if there is only 1 page of messages I tend to get a lot more messages on pop/imap.

I have been using pop my entire life.

The only reason I switched my dad to imap was that he had 2 devices, an ios and a pc and wanted to sync.

I am unsure even if I get an iphone or something if I'd ever use it for email though not at first.

You can't pop secure your gmail though, once you switch to imap and secure it you can just use pop again.

Its a pitty that you can't just process web directly like they used to do with ms outlook express and old hotmail addresses before microsoft screwed that up.

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Yes this either gmail via pop or imap is somewhat restrictive, I like to keep both active on other accounts so I can see the spam folder and also sort messages automatically, I just do not see the google logic of not allowing both to work.

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Ok, I assume like me you use pop and not imap.

First you will need to clear all your gmail accounts and other things from thunderbird.

You next create your account as usual and set imap.

Then at some point google will ask you to login and put up a brouser window.

Login and click allow and then its connected.

You can clear imap and switch back to pop if you want.

I found that out the hard way when email stopped.

On 6/03/2018 1:57 p.m., Arlene wrote:
Hi list. Arlene here: Can Gmail be added to thunderbird?  How does one do
it?  Thanks any help will be appriciated.

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