Re: Tips on using QBittorrent?

erik burggraaf <erik@...>

What if you have hundreds of Torrance? Do you just go through them object by object? Sounds like it could be tedious.

On March 6, 2018 4:25:11 PM "mk360" <mk.seventhson@...> wrote:

Use object navigation.

El 06/03/2018 a las 18:20, John Isige escribió:
Hi all. Apparently MuTorrent has security issues, and a place
recommended QBittorrent as an alternative. I downloaded it, since
people said it was accessible. Anybody have tips on using it? For
example, I downloaded something, but I can't find the file on the
screen to do anything with it, e.g. see how far the download is,
delete the file/torrent if I don't want it anymore, and so on. I
managed to get through the options, although a warning, if you get
into advanced you'll get stuck, I can't see any way back to the tree
and the OK button and so on. I mean I got it to work as a thing that
will open and download torrents which is OK I guess, but I'd like a
little more control, if this thing is supposedly accessible. Right now
I have no idea how to tell it to get rid of a torrent, or to stop
seeding it, or get rid of the files associated with it, see the
download speed and progress, you know, the kinds of things you
typically want to do with torrents.

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