Re: issue with chrome back or forward pages?

Mário Navarro

I don't know how or why, after so long without using these shortcuts, suddenly everything was working again.
It was necessary to send a request for help to the group to be normal again. lol.
thank you all.

Às 14:34 de 08/03/2018, Mário Navarro escreveu:


I need your help.
I can't figure out what's going on ...

for those who are using google chrome 64 version.

are any of you having trouble with the command keys alt left or right arrow to back or forward pages.
Since I did the update, I can't use the shortcut keys alt + left or right arrow to go back or forward pages in chrome.

This happens with the 2017.4 version, or the new release 2018.1
These are the versions with NVDA.
the same issue also is real with JAWS 2018.

some tips?

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