Re: Didtation Bridge is now available for all


Hello we have one in tucson

can you please keep me posted?

I am thinking about applying

please email me off list.

On 3/8/2018 10:32 AM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

They are using dragon and other softwares but dragon choaks on all of their systems when it comes to reading back   what was spoken. Basically  I need to hear as I talk what was spoken and I have 5 seconds to edit any istakes out  and send it to the deaf person. Look up I think I spelled that right. I am trying to contac their hr department for a follow up as I passed the tests but those are the issues they are runnig into. It's ben a month by the way since I passed the tests. I shoudl be in training by now, I think?

Take care

On Mar 8, 2018, at 6:27 AM, Pranav Lal <pranav.lal@...> wrote:

DictationBridge is released. What program do you need to use with speech-recognition?

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