Re: Email clients for windows 7 32 bits, anny recommendation?


I had this with google, you need to.

1.  set a new imap on google mail making sure google mail imap is on in its settings, then you need to, connect and check as usual, google will prompt you to secure it with signing in and allowing thunderbird, then you can go back to pop and it does what it does, I had to do that a bit ago.

Now not sure but once thats allowed tecnically you probably don't have to do it again unless its machine spaciffic.

On 9/03/2018 10:04 a.m., Fernando Apan wrote:
Hi folks,

I have two machines: in one of them I use windows 7 64 bit and thunderbird as my default email client. However, on my windows 7 32 bit laptop, thunderbird doesn't work anny more, since I can not send or receive emails. Is there anny thing I can install in order to be able to read my email on that machine?


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