Re: Tips on using QBittorrent?

John Isige

Going all the way to the left with nvda-numpad 4, and moving to the
right with nvda-numpad 6, I get:  split button, status checkbox checked,
a list, categories checkbox checked, a tree view, tags checkbox checked,
another tree view, trackers checkbox checked, a list, a scroll bar, and
a grip. If I move inside any of the lists or tree views, I get roughly
the same options, e.g. all, downloading, Etc. No option has objects
inside of it. So for example, if I get to the first list and hit
nvda-numpad 2, I get into the list and see, moving from left to right
with nvda-numpad 6: all (3), downloading (0), seeding (3), completed
(3), resumed (3), paused (0), active (0), inactive (3), errored (0). The
first tree view gives me: all (3), uncategorized (3). You get the idea,
I'm not listing every single option especially since they're mostly

I've tried using nvda-numpad enter to select an option in the lists and
the trees, I still see no files. I guess the one thing I haven't tried
is routing the cursor with nvda-numpad slash and then using numpad-slash
to click. But yeah, the point is, somebody's gonna have to offer me a
better description or something, because I'm seeing no files whatsoever
here. Obviously they're there, they downloaded, and I believe people
when they say they can get at them. But so far as I know, yeah, I'm
using object navigation and using it correctly, and I ain't seeing any

On 3/8/2018 14:45, erik burggraaf wrote:
The torrents are in one of the treeviews, but can't be accessed using
the arrow keys.  I got it using oject navigation, but I have about 150
torrents active right now.  If I load them all into qbittorrent it
will take forever to find anything.



On March 8, 2018 3:14:09 PM "John Isige" <gwynn@...> wrote:

So, I have a status checkbox. Moving to the right, there's a list with
all, downloading, stuff like that. There are also a couple of tree views
with those same categories. There are no objects inside either the list
categories or the trees. I still see no files or info whatsoever.

On 3/6/2018 17:40, mk360 wrote:
But object navigation? Not flat navigation.

However, for example, as an starting point, locate with "tab" the
"state" verification box, move the object navigator to the previows
object with NVDA numpad 4 (or the equivalent in laptop mode) move the
object navigator to the first child object with NVDA numpad 2, move to
the next object with NVDA numpad 6 until you arribe to the tree, move
the navigator with NVDA numpad 2 and explore it with previows and next

Note that in the latest next branch the navigator fail in the tree,
but it works in the latest stable version (I don't know in RC).



El 06/03/2018 a las 20:03, John Isige escribió:
I did. Is the list of files inside of something else? Because I didn't
see any files.

On 3/6/2018 15:24, mk360 wrote:
Use object navigation.

El 06/03/2018 a las 18:20, John Isige escribió:
Hi all. Apparently MuTorrent has security issues, and a place
recommended QBittorrent as an alternative. I downloaded it, since
people said it was accessible. Anybody have tips on using it? For
example, I downloaded something, but I can't find the file on the
screen to do anything with it, e.g. see how far the download is,
delete the file/torrent if I don't want it anymore, and so on. I
managed to get through the options, although a warning, if you get
into advanced you'll get stuck, I can't see any way back to the tree
and the OK button and so on. I mean I got it to work as a thing that
will open and download torrents which is OK I guess, but I'd like a
little more control, if this thing is supposedly accessible. Right
now I have no idea how to tell it to get rid of a torrent, or to stop
seeding it, or get rid of the files associated with it, see the
download speed and progress, you know, the kinds of things you
typically want to do with torrents.

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