Re: CAVI is offering free audio editing classes

Vlad Dragomir

Hello all,

First of all, thanks to the initial poster. Without you, I would have never known about this site.

Second, has anyone attended any courses of this Cavi school? On one hand, the idea of accessible courses seems fantastic, I'm particularly interested in their computer related programmes. On the other hand, the site seems a little bit abandoned, there are contradictions on different pages, especially when it comes to availability, the newest pages are from 2017. Besides, their prices aren't as affordable as they pretend, at least from my very personal prospective. Financially, it would be a big effort for me. I might be in a minority here, so I do apologise for this last thought, but if they offered real discounts, I believe they'd have much more students. Let's face it, the blind are rarely rich, unless their names are Stevie Wonder or Andrea Bocelli. If NVAccess can offer NVDA for free and keep existing through donnations, why not CiscoVision? I humbly admit it, I have much more respect for NVAccess and their generous model, and enthusiastically became a monthly donner recently.

Sorry again, this isn't exactly related to NVDA, but I thought I'd pop in with these very unobjective remarks. Thanks for reading.



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