Re: Anti Virus Program

Casey <cwollner@...>

Hi where can you get this clamwin from?

And what does it take to set it all up?

On 3/8/2018 10:57 PM, Sam Taylor wrote:

Try Clamwin antivirus. it's effective, small, portable and free.

On 9/03/2018 14:20, Shaun Everiss wrote:
You know this has popped up so much and I have decided that there just isn't anymore.

Avast could have been a great program.

Nod32 was accessible up to a point, it aint now, vipre maybe, panda antivirus maybe.


To be honest the fact so many lagit programs are being mistargeted, forcing users like me to have to basically leave vast parts of the os open to attack is a problem.

Some users have gone so far to exclude their drives from scanning and that does in deed fix things.

On my new system I am just going to have to exclude my backup drive from scanning because I just don't trust what windows defender will do.

As for the rest, I will have to restructure my drive, and exclude all audio games, all portable apps, all apps,  all user installed programs the only things I will leave with programs in it are windows and ms programs and my downloads folder and maybe make a folder for unprocessed files and exclude that.

Basically to use my system securely I will have to exclude pritty much half my c drive in order to not run into problems.

I may as well not use antivirus alltogether, but I have no choice, there are just to many false positives to handle.

On 9/03/2018 3:14 p.m., Andrea Sherry wrote:
tried free version of AVG. Setup was difficult and I was not able to control anything the program did after installation.

Is there anything better I could try?




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