Re: creating filters in gmail



         I could try describing this step-by-step, but a lot of people before me have already done so, and quite well.  Take a look at the results of this DuckDuckGo search on "creating filters in gmail".   One of the top 10 results will likely be in a format that you find easiest to use.

         It's not complicated once you've done a single filter and if you pay attention on the filter creation screen to the range of options you have as far as what can be looked at in a message itself to create a filter.  If you want to just give it a shot you will have to log in to Gmail, go to your Settings, and choose the "Filters and Blocked Addresses" link, then the "Create a new filter" link.  Once you have existing filters those will appear in a list at the top of the Filters and Blocked Addresses page.  Most of the filters I end up creating are on the "From:" field in an e-mail message.  You do not need a full e-mail address, just something that will match some subset of what comes in.  For instance, I have a filter that looks to see if "" is in the From: field and assigns a label of "IO Digest" to those messages.  I can then click on that label when I'm in my inbox to limit display to strictly those messages.  If you're using an e-mail client with Gmail, a label propagates out as an IMAP folder by the same name as the label, and clicking on that folder gets you only the messages that filter into it.


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