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I actually do go on at my network users especially 1 user that doesn't turn his system off when not in use, in a business environment its the complete oposite, but at home, especially at night or if the thing is not being used for more than 30 minutes like 3-4 hours then I usually shut it down.

And its not security, the user sleeps his system I am not sure if that is a factor but every year or 2 the psu stops working, explodes or catches fire, in my history of computer use I have never had things go that bad.

After changing a video card the psu blew,so I finally got a larger one but even so, this has to be the 5th or 6th psu he has gone through in the 6 years, excluding when he first got it, and maybe when he had the new card which could have overloaded it, there are at least 3 or 4 times when its just gone.

Whatever he does to his supply is well I am unsure.

On 10/03/2018 5:27 a.m., Gene wrote:
But considering that one way to prevent infection under certain conditions is to turn the machine off, your message appeared to be discussing that method. Keep the machine off or don't use the machine, might have expressed the idea. But turn the machine off, given certain conditions on Internet sites where that is the procedure prescribed to prevent infection, as I discussed in my message, is ambigguous.

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Actually, I was being sarcastic about the only way to stop getting infected.
A never used machine is very safe indeed.

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Turn the machine off? When? When you go to a web site with hacked
advertising and your machine has already been infected with no indication of
it to the user? Or if you absentmindedly do something you shouldn't do?
I'm not infallible. Once, I wasn't thinking about what I was doing and I
followed a link that came in a message that looked as though it came from
someone I knew. I just wasn't thinking at the moment. Avast wouldn't let
me connect with the web site. What would have happened if I wasn't running
an antivirus program? Who knows? I don't recall ever doing something like
that before or since. But I just wasn't thinking one time in a lot of years
of computer use.

You have to take actions to be infected in many cases, but there are cases,
and their number is growing, where you don't. You can greatly reduce the
danger by using a JAVA script blocker or by turning scripts off except on
sites where they are necessary. But just saying turn the computer off only
works in cases where malware wants you to click something like a yes or ok
button or no button on a web page. It doesn't matter what button you click.
Clicking any button will cause the malware to install. So, in those cases,
just shutting down the computer will stop you from being infected. But if
it were that easy not to become infected, these antimalware companies
wouldn't exist.

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Yes take the cheap route, just tirm he computer off and leave it off, very
safe and costs nothing.. grin
I do feel we are losing our way. Most of the exploits are aimed at people
not exploits.
Obviously they will need to patch holes, but expecting anti virus systems
to protect from everything is really impossible in my view. The more they
try to find everything the more they slow the computer down and trigger
false positives, and of course since everyone except Microsoft seem to have
designed their front ends inaccessibly, there is no hope for us.
That is my reading of the current situation. I'll let you know when my
completely unprotected amd chipped xp machines get clobbered. Probably not
for a long while unless I'm very unlucky.
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You know this has popped up so much and I have decided that there just
isn't anymore.

Avast could have been a great program.

Nod32 was accessible up to a point, it aint now, vipre maybe, panda
antivirus maybe.


To be honest the fact so many lagit programs are being mistargeted,
forcing users like me to have to basically leave vast parts of the os open
to attack is a problem.

Some users have gone so far to exclude their drives from scanning and that
does in deed fix things.

On my new system I am just going to have to exclude my backup drive from
scanning because I just don't trust what windows defender will do.

As for the rest, I will have to restructure my drive, and exclude all
audio games, all portable apps, all apps, all user installed programs the
only things I will leave with programs in it are windows and ms programs
and my downloads folder and maybe make a folder for unprocessed files and
exclude that.

Basically to use my system securely I will have to exclude pritty much
half my c drive in order to not run into problems.

I may as well not use antivirus alltogether, but I have no choice, there
are just to many false positives to handle.

On 9/03/2018 3:14 p.m., Andrea Sherry wrote:
tried free version of AVG. Setup was difficult and I was not able to
control anything the program did after installation.

Is there anything better I could try?


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