Re: Email clients for windows 7 32 bits, anny recommendation?

Fernando Apan

Hi all. Finally, I was able to access my account that machine. I had to go to my Settings account, from that Gmail website and check the box that says something like allow other applications less secure to access my email. Sorry if I can’t translate the right message but my email account is in Spanish.
Even though Gmail states that doing that procedure was a little risky because other applications can access your account, that’s the only way I can keep using Thunderbird in my 30 to beat machine. The strange thing is that on my other machine with Windows 64-bit, is not necessary to do so

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So what we really need to know then is why gmail won't allow two machines running tbird to access the account?

Is it possible in tbird to save account details and reload them exactly the same on the other machine. If that works and both machines are on your home network and not behind some oddball firewall or something, that should work. I have for example got two machines using Outlook Express on the same gmail account accessing via pop3 with no problems at all.


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Hi all.

First, thanks for all your responces.

What actually happens with my gmail account and thunderbird in my 32 bit
machine, is that I can not even sign in to my account. When I compleet
the whole proces of configuring my account, it redirect me to the gmail
page where I should sign in and authorise thunderbird as my Email
client, but when I heat enter in the website where it says continue
button, nothing happens. The website says something like: give your
gmail credentials and sign in to your gmail account to authorise

On the other hand, when I read my gmail imbox from my iPhone I get a
message that says something like: revew this sign in that was locked for
your own safety. So, what I asume is that gMaile is not letting
thunderbird to acces my account, don't know why, because as I sayd, in
my windows 7 64 machine is still possible.

What are your suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Fernando Apan.

El 09/03/2018 a las 03:13 p.m., Gene escribió:

You can find the version with alt h, then type a. If the version
automatically updates, it is, presumably the latest one. If you don't
have it set to automatically update, then it could be an old version.
But I don't know why the program doesn't connect. What happens when
you try to send and receive messages? Do you get error messages?
What do they say? If the program works on one machine, it should work
on the other machine. there may be something wrong with your
installation or there may be some other problem. You could try other
programs but it might first be best to try to see if we can solve the
problems you are having with this program. I'm not sure how to go
about that. Those with the program may have suggestions.
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Hello Gene! Sincerely, I don't remember what version is. I haven't
used this client for a long time.

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