Re: Putting Basic Training for NVDA manual on to DAISY player

Quentin Christensen

Hi Lindy,

Theoretically the VR Stream should be able to read ePub files.  ePub is actually a lot more complex format than it seems from the outside.  I'm not 100% sure whether the issue is with the way the Stream reads ePub files, or the way I've created the ePub file.  I'll keep working on it, but for now I can confirm that the HTML version of the text reads fine, you need to place it in the $VRText folder, and navigate to "Notes" to find it.

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On Wed, May 4, 2016 at 5:14 PM, Lindy <lulu58@...> wrote:

Hello list

I paid for and downloaded Basic Training for NVDA.Zip file and have been working through it.It recommends that the epub file should be put on to a DAISY book player so that one can listen to it and work through the activities on your PC. Unfortunately, I have been unable to do this with my second generation VR stream. When I unzip the file and arrow down to the epub file, it states that this is encrypted. Is this why it does not register on the VR stream’s $VR dtb folder when I try to paste it in with either JAWS or NVDA? I have not dealt with encrypted files before and would appreciate some advice/help.

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