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To be honest after using livejournal for ages and ages and all the spyware and spam from it even though they deny this, wordpress is what I am pushing, its easy to install, update and configure.

Its easy to make a blog on to.

There are only 2 disadvantages right now to wordpress.

They want you to buy their stuff so unless you set it you will be buying their stuff weather you want to or not which is easy to do but you need to scroll to the end of a list of buttons.

And once done, their site once you login just isn't really that accessible, quite cluttered, I use the mobile site to handle what I need.

I have 1 main blog, I have another but now sonnar does its news, I will let them do it, since they rarely sent me updates and if they can do a better job than me and they seem to be doing so, they can have their position back.

On 11/03/2018 1:16 a.m., Robert Kingett wrote:
I'm surprised none of the screen reader peeps got into this market too. Not even add ons and stuff. Because, even blogs are almost a requirement now, at least working with some companies. Many use As to the poster saying this was off topic? I thought the NVDA question was implied. Just LOL! I will login to the web archives and reply to the hoster person directly. I've tried weebly and wix with NVDA and squarespace too. None of them work well because every site has unlabeled buttons and even frames that NVDA says has nothing in them, when there is visually. This wix and otherwise's fault for not making their back end accessible. To date, Droopal, wordpress... both dot org and dot com, and dreamwith are the only ones who make their back ends accessible. Oh. Blogger too, but blogger has not had an update in years.

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