Typing Echo Change with 2018.1


I upgraded to the latest release of NVDA today and right away I noticed a change that is, well, quite annoying to me.

I am a fast typist who prefers to have typed characters repeated.  Since upgrading NVDA today, the letters I type are read back to me extremely slowly, where as previously, i was hearing the key I typed instantly.

Similarly, in a web browser when I use NVDA+F7 to jump to a link, there is also a delay.  For example, if I know the link I want is "Search", I could hit the S and NVDA would immediately say "Search" and I could then hit enter.  Now, NVDA says "S", there is a delay, then it says "Search".  Is this a new feature that has a setting I can't find to change it, a bug, or am I the only person noticing this?

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