Re: espeak and pronunciation of some words

John Isige

He was content with the content of the book. Both "contents" sound fine to me in that sentence. Nazarene is indeed wrong, it should sound like Nazareen but sounds like Nazaren, except the 'ren' part is accented. That would be a useful trick if you could reproduce it, but it's wrong here. Also, 'reproduce' sounds a bit more like 'riproduce' then 'reeproduce'.

On 3/11/2018 0:54, Governor staten wrote:
I'll try to describe this as best I can. Take the word "content". The stress in this word is wrong, or, very much off. This is the case with other words too. Nazarene should sound like Nazareen. I'm sure there are other words like this I, and others, could think of.

Any word with the letter "o" is likely to have the stress wrong. Monster is another example. This could just be me. Does anyone else hear what I'm hearing?

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