Re: espeak and pronunciation of some words

Dejan Ristic

Let me remind you of the word for, which, if followed by another word, seems to sound like fur.

For example: for the time being.

It is very interesting to here it pronounced quite correctly when it is a stand alone word, as is the case in the first line of my message.

On 11/03/2018 07:54, Governor staten wrote:
I'll try to describe this as best I can. Take the word "content". The stress in this word is wrong, or, very much off. This is the case with other words too. Nazarene should sound like Nazareen. I'm sure there are other words like this I, and others, could think of.

Any word with the letter "o" is likely to have the stress wrong. Monster is another example. This could just be me. Does anyone else hear what I'm hearing?


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