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I still regualarly see Windows 7 with registrations available on bona fide sites and vendors so I'd guess there is still some call for them out there.
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NVDA 2017.4 and later requires Windows 7 SP1 or higher. As for getting Windows 10 in an affordable way, the “most affordable” way is no more unless that program comes back.



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The latest versions don't support XP. They work with Windows 7 and higher. I don't know about Vista. If you are using XP, you have to use the last version that supports XP if you want the latest version you can use. That is, I believe, version 17.4.


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Subject: [nvda] Please Clarify NVDA 2018?

Hello Group members,

Two questions which "should" be simple enough to answer.

- Does NVDA 2018 only work with computers and devices compatible with
Windows Ten?

- If NVDA works only with newer windows versions, is there an online
resource that will distribute Windows Ten or other said product, and
help install at a reduced cost to blind users?

David Russell <>
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