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Question from a long time Window Eyes user. At present Windows can’t update to the latest version as it thinks there is an incompatible program installed on my computer. That program is Window Eyes. I have correctly uninstalled WE and have done multiple searches to try and find remnants. My best guess is that it is lurking still in my registry. I am not foolish enough to try editing my registry, and Leary of using any of the “registry cleaners.” Any chance that this addon would find such a lingering registry entry. When I read “other programs” I assume other access software. I am not having the issues described in this thread, but. . . .

Any advice out there?



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Just had a quick look is this a snapshot to fix the unknown and pane problems that some people have had in the past? if it is and it works it would be far easier than the other way which i have been posting from time to time.


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I know a number of people here have had serious issues with browsers not reading word not working right with nvda and other associated problems.
For some time now this has been known to be due to  registry issues due to uninstallers of other software not correctly registering important files. The latest next snapshot has a tool to fix this, rather predictably in its tool menu, so if you are having such issues, it may well be a good idea to try this version of nvda and use the tool.
it should do no harm, but do remember that next snaps are bleeding edge code and will need to be used with caution. Always back up your previous version and set a restore point before doing any work on registry files. Note the account that its used on has to have admin access or it won't work.

Here is what the  entry says.

commit 8793a65c7aa65949a9043aafc932627ff158c90a
Author: Michael Curran <mick@...>
Date: Thu 08 Mar 2018 09:41:04 +1000
Installer: re-register some common COM interfaces which commonly get broken by bad uninstallers.
Raw diff
commit d3a9795e75cdbe9241d11eecb9a98fbe774a17f7
Author: Michael Curran <mick@...>
Date: Mon 12 Mar 2018 12:06:37 +1000
COMRegistrationFixes tool: add a backslash to the systemDrive. Also deremove some unused functions.
Raw diff
commit 3a5abd72a307fbe02779111dfee3bc5f5371345d
Author: Michael Curran <mick@...>
Date: Mon 12 Mar 2018 12:07:19 +1000
Add the COM Registrations Fixing tool to NVDA's Tools menu.
Raw diff
commit e1d79784de5f0b77343992e61b1fb811a9dc826e
Author: Michael Curran <mick@...>
Date: Mon 12 Mar 2018 15:43:05 +1000
Add a warning dialog to the COM Registration Fixing tool when run manually from the Tools menu.
Raw diff
commit 7c2e945533f7386b4b3142281e23009997f5d801
Author: Michael Curran <mick@...>
Date: Mon 12 Mar 2018 17:44:10 +1000
Add copyright header
Raw diff
commit 877362bde2e108fae69c067cb26bdd797843caa8
Author: Michael Curran <mick@...>
Date: Mon 12 Mar 2018 17:48:11 +1000
Add a module docstring
Raw diff
commit e550d32924b55272e05254eada58c9bb04fd1ae7
Author: Michael Curran <mick@...>
Date: Mon 12 Mar 2018 17:55:53 +1000
Incubates #8075
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