Re: Error while updating to NVDA 2018.1 via the NVDA update utility.

Kevin Cussick

agreed I just don't understand why people put there computers at risk.

On 12/03/2018 13:50, Devin Prater wrote:
This is a great message. Also, compare UAC to what Linux users have to do, typing in their whole root password when installing or updating programs sometimes. Compared to that, one keystroke is nothing.
" <> on behalf of Gene" wrote:
It's a minimum amount of inconvenience to respond when the UAC prompt appears.  All you have to do is use the alt y command.  Why are people so casual about disabling a security feature that is minimally inconvenient?  You issue one command.  Compare that very minor inconvenience to what you may have to doo if you are infected because UAC is off.  I realize that malware can circumvent UAC, and, from what I've been told, it isn't difficult.  But still, what if you could have prevented nfection by having it on at a minimum of inconvenience?
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this is why I turn off user account control.
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Yes, but this time, say "yes" when UAC (User Account Control) screen
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Subject: [nvda] Error while updating to NVDA 2018.1 via the NVDA update
Hello, All,
I just tried installing the NVDA 2018.1 update via the NVDA update utility,
and got the following error. I'm not sure what is relevant, so I just
coppied the entire output of the log viewer.
INFO - __main__ (18:37:12.331):
Starting NVDA
INFO - core.main (18:37:12.667):
Config dir: C:\Users\englishrider91\AppData\Roaming\nvda
INFO - config.ConfigManager._loadConfig (18:37:12.667):
Loading config: C:\Users\englishrider91\AppData\Roaming\nvda\nvda.ini
INFO - core.main (18:37:12.684):
NVDA version 2018.1
INFO - core.main (18:37:12.684):
Using Windows version 10.0.15063 workstation INFO - core.main
Using Python version 2.7.14 (v2.7.14:84471935ed, Sep 16 2017,
20:19:30) [MSC v.1500 32 bit (Intel)]
INFO - core.main (18:37:12.684):
Using comtypes version 1.1.3
INFO - synthDriverHandler.setSynth (18:37:13.601):
Loaded synthDriver eloquence
INFO - core.main (18:37:13.601):
Using wx version msw (classic)
INFO - brailleInput.initialize (18:37:13.601):
Braille input initialized
INFO - braille.initialize (18:37:13.601):
Using liblouis version 3.3.0
INFO - braille.BrailleHandler.setDisplayByName (18:37:13.601):
Loaded braille display driver noBraille, current display has 0 cells.
INFO - _UIAHandler.UIAHandler.MTAThreadFunc (18:37:13.753):
UIAutomation: IUIAutomation3
INFO - core.main (18:37:14.687):
NVDA initialized
ERROR - gui.installerGui.doInstall (18:37:46.061):
Failed to execute installer
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "gui\installerGui.pyo", line 32, in doInstall
  File "config\__init__.pyo", line 192, in execElevated
  File "shellapi.pyo", line 42, in ShellExecuteEx
WindowsError: [Error 1223] The operation was canceled by the user.
ERROR - gui.installerGui.doInstall (18:37:46.061):
Installation failed: [Error 1223] The operation was canceled by the user.
Should I try updating again?

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