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Very unlikely, and if it works with windows, then it should work just fine with NVDA.

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On 2016-05-05 11:08 AM, wrote:
I am presently using a HP Laptop with a Wireless (not bluetooth)
keyboard. The keyboard is a Logitech K330 desktop keyboard.
Is there any reason why this shpuld not work with NVDA.
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If your keyboard contains a numpad, the desktop layout will work if
the keyboard can be used in that way. The purpose of the laptop
layout is for use on keyboards without numpads. If short cut commands
don't work on your keyboard using the numpad, your keyboard may not be
compatible for thatkind of use. I have heard of instances where
wireless keyboards can't be used in this way. You can try the laptop
layout and see if those commands will work if you wish. If they
don't, you may want to ask here about wireless keyboards people use
and know are compatible using whatever keyboard choice you set in NVDA.
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Hi Ollie,

Thank you for your response. I am using a laptop but am using a
wireless logitech full keyboards.

Is this a problem? Would usb keyboard be any diffent?



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Hello William,

I'm definitely not an NVDA proficient user, but your last sentence made
me think.

Are you using a laptop, by any chance?

If so, you should set your keyboard layout to "Laptop"

(NVDA Menu - Keyboard settings), and then follow the list of commands
and keyboard shortcuts for laptops, rather than the one for desktops.



Il 04/05/2016 11:45, <>
ha scritto:
Hi All,
I am new to this group and must apologise at the outset for my
ignorance if I am not following tghe correct Protocol.
I am partially sight impaired and the deteriation seems to be more
rapid at he moment which has resulted in my looking for
a program which will assist me to operate my computer.
I recently installed NVDA and it seem to just what I need.
However, I seem to have difficulty in mastering even the basics and am
wondering if I can get some assistance. (Skype???)
Very few of the shortcut keys seem to work for me.
Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

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