IMPORTANT COMMUNITY ADVISORY: NVDA next snapshots will include wxPython 4.0.1


Hi NVDA community,


The following is considered important due to massive impact it’ll have:


For those following the GitHub issue:


wxPython 4 came out in February 2018 (subsequently updated to 4.0.1 a few days later). As this is a necessary milestone on our preparation to move to Python 3, wxPython 4 watchers (including NV Access, I, Leonard de Ruijter and others) felt it would be good to let the community test wxPython 4 integration for a while. As the chief investigator for wxPython 4 migration, I’m happy to announce that, as of today, NVDA next branch snapshots will include wxPython 4. However, this means it’ll have issues, the biggest one being outdated add-ons (unfortunately, NVDA Remote Support add-on is one of those add-ons that won’t work under wxPython 4 due to calls to deprecated methods). If you run into other issues or bugs, please let me and other develoeprs know ASAP via GitHUb or email.


notes for community:


  • For NVDA Core developers: if you are working on any sort of GUI work, please test wxPython 4 migration via a private branch or two. This is especially the case for me and Leonard as we are both working on GUI edits (Leonard’s work on multi-page settings dialog and my work on add-on update client interface).
  • For add-on writers: please update your add-ons as soon as possible. When updating your add-ons, please try using code paths that’ll work on both wxPython 3 (Classic) and wxPython 4 (Phoenix) to maximize compatibility).
  • For users: as noted above, please report any bugs with wxPython 4 integration via GitHub or email as soon as you run across them.
  • For Python 3 researchers: I advise pausing our research for a little while until wxPython 4 lands on NVDA master snapshots.


Thank you.



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