Re: nvda line number for deaf and blind


You know I would really like nvda to speak whenn enter is pressed to make a new line in thunderbird and notepad and other things even if I have commannd keys disabled.
Also punctuation when I say delete a . it doesn't say it all the time I have the level set on some but I really do want it read if I start killing it.
when I hit backspace in thunderbird it may not anounce the first 3 or so chars and I may end killing something I don't want.
Its ok if I hit delete and it only happens at the end of lines however as long as I am carefull.

On 5/05/2016 8:03 p.m., ChrisLeo wrote:

Actually NVDA does not ALLOWS to show line numbers on display braille.

If it is necessary, a solution could be an add-on

with a shortcut to toggle the report of line number.



ilanvpnina@..., 03/05/2016 14:36:
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hello i am deaf and blind

and using nvda

i tried all shortcuts and also


the pref. document fromatting to include line nmuber

but i dont see the braille number in my braille dispaly

any idea or help?



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