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I’ve not experienced this. I somehow remember it wasn’t always a thing, but I’m certainly glad to be able to paste to command prompt nowadays.


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The Windows 10 command line will not let me paste anything from the clipboard into the terminal. Is anybody else having this issue?

Otherwise, this command is completely useful, and exactly what I needed right now. Thanks for sending it along.

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Yes. I find this particularly useful when putting stuff in command line. For a while there I was playing around with an Apple 2 E emulator that had to be run from command line and the paths needing to be entered were getting quite long.


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Hi All,

I came across a great Windows keyboard command on-line…

This will be useful for working with music files, like making a playlist, but sometimes I hate those browse boxes when it does not open into the folder where the file is, and you have to back out and find the folder where you are wanting to open or attach a file.

So when you have the folder open and you are on top of the file, do the following:

Shift + applications key

Then press the letter A.

This will put the entire path and file name into the clipboard, ready for pasting into that browse field.

This works with or without a screenreader.





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