Re: constant refreshing of


Update: The refreshing issue does not happen with Google Chrome. Haven't tried Edge yet. is the site in quesiton.

On 3/14/2018 12:44 AM, Governor staten wrote:
Hello guys. I go to this site daily to see the latest in cord cutting and related stories. I couldn't say when this started, but, the site now keeps refreshing or downloading something in the background. I can hear status updates through NVDA beeping. When things refresh, I cannot hold my place on the site.

This is probably easy to fix, but, I"m not sure how at the moment. I'm using Firefox 59. It was doing this on Firefox 58 as well. I haven't yet tried with Edge, Chrome or anything else. When I do, I will report back. Any help with this is appreciated, and thanks to all in advance.

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