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thanks so much for reporting this issue!
i have this problem even using firefox 51 or 52 and previous one!
i joined in quora website to answer questions about islam.
yesterday, i spent more than ten hours on that site.
when i opened the site, it had near 3000 characters,
after many hours, the characters increased to 89000 characters and
after ten hours, firefox became unresponsive!
after ten minutes, nvda becomes very slow, even reports line and words
after some seconds and when increasing using of ram and cpu, because
of redirect or refresh of page, it even announces after 20 seconds!
previously, i deactivated javascript and could signIn my account and
answer questions.
but in these month, even signIn, following questions and answering
them are all impossible without enabling javascript!
i asked someone to test for me and replied: we can use quora website
without javascript!
i removed my firefox completely and reinstalled again, but the problem persists!
can someone please help me in this regard?
with this problem, using quora is extremely difficult with nvda.
thanks for any help and God bless you all!

On 3/14/18, Joseph Lee <> wrote:

Having come across similar situations, I’m thinking it’s got to be part of a
site that’s constantly refreshing. Specifically, if an element is set as
“live” such as video players, you’ll hear progress beeps.



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Subject: Re: [nvda] constant refreshing of

This appears to be an example of what I discussed when firefox 57 came out.
the accessibility feature was removed that caused Firefox to warn when a
page wanted to refresh or redirect to another page. thee user could approve
or not do anything and the refresh or redirection wouldn't occur.

At the time, I said that those interested should send messages to those
working on accessibility of Firefox. I have no idea if anyone did. there
was an almost complete absence of comments concerning my message. This was
a major regression regarding accessibility.

Aside from that, if what I think is happening is happening, you may have to
use a program like noscript or turn JAVA script support off before going to
the page. In general, refreshes can be stopped by not allowing scripts to
run. I'm not sure if the page is refreshing or if a region on the page is
refreshing. It might well not be necessary to do anything if the feature I
discussed were still available and on. I may see what happens when I use
the page with the feature off and then on. Others, of course, may want to
do so as well.


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Subject: [nvda] constant refreshing of

Hello guys. I go to this site daily to see the latest in cord cutting
and related stories. I couldn't say when this started, but, the site now
keeps refreshing or downloading something in the background. I can hear
status updates through NVDA beeping. When things refresh, I cannot hold
my place on the site.

This is probably easy to fix, but, I"m not sure how at the moment. I'm
using Firefox 59. It was doing this on Firefox 58 as well. I haven't yet
tried with Edge, Chrome or anything else. When I do, I will report back.
Any help with this is appreciated, and thanks to all in advance.

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