Re: Other tool for solving the Verification Image

Giles Turnbull

The only Captcha tool I ever used was included with an early Twitter client for the blind, called Qwitter. Sadly that vanished and there was no equivalent when Qwitter evolved into The Qube. But what I do use now is the iPhone and Android app Be My Eyes. It calls a human volunteer who uses the rear camera on the phone to tell you whatever you want ... such as the colour of a tshirt or what a Captcha image says. I've used Be My Eyes twice today to assist when Windows was doing an update and I didn't hear anything further (I realise that I'd somehow turned the NVDA setting to start automatically when logged in to Windows off). Obviously common sense applies - not having any files open with login details to any accounts visible, but you'd get an answer to your random letters test within the minute! ... And BME is free to install and use :) 

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