Re: Help: NVDA does not recognize objects anymore


did you uninstall office programs previously?
one time, i uninstalled openoffice and faced this problem!
i remember that reinstallation of nvda resolved my issue.
not sure, i uninstall my firefox and reinstall again or not.

On 3/15/18, Michel Such <> wrote:

My Firefox is 59.0 and my thunderbird is 52.60.

This is my wife's computer, so I don't use it every day.

It worked fine some days ago, the only thing that happend recently was
the Windows cumulative update 2 days ago.

So I don't understand the problem, except if something particular
uccurred during the windows update.

Michel Such <>
Michel, son chat et son ordi
Le 15/03/2018 à 16:36, zahra a écrit :
you provided all necessary informations about your operating system
and screen reader except the version of your firefox!

On 3/15/18, Michel Such <> wrote:
Hi all,

I encounter a very strange problem on a machine where all used to work

It runs Windows 10 latest update and NVDA 2018.1.

In Mozilla apps, (thunderbird, Firefox) any object is announced as

More generally, in any app, conext menus are nomore spoken.

I triend to uninstall and reinstall NVDA, even deleting the NVDA
configuration directory, but it definitely does not work.

Has anyone encountered this and know how to fix it ?

Michel Such <>
Michel, son chat et son ordi
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