Re: Double characters while using Firefox 58 with NVDA 2018.1 in Google Docs


this is a bug in different versions of nvda and all firefox versions
that i tested until now!
someone reported this bug, but nvda developers closed the bug as duplicate!
i commented that its not duplicate and should not be closed, but did
not recieve any reply!
developers ment
is duplicate of bug
which is fixed in nvda 2017.3!
i realy dont understand why developers closed bug 1582 and why they
consider duplicate of bug 6424, while there are different and 1582, is
not fixed until now!

On 3/15/18, Governor staten <> wrote:
The subject line is pretty descriptive of what is going on. We are using
Google Docs to edit a document, and we see double characters while
trying to edit things we type. I thought that this was conquered? We are
using NVDA 2018.1 with Firefox 58.

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