Re: IRC, instructions on how to use, and NVDA accessibility


Thanks for this message. I'll give it a look. Hopefully it won't force a purchase on me. Weird you'd see that after so many years.

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I used to use IRC a lot, and still do occasionally. As I’m a new-ish user of nVDA though, I haven’t yet tried it with this screen-reader. You can download the client MIRC for Windows. It works fairly well with JAWWS, and because I haven’t used any specific scripts for it or anything, I’m guessing it will work with NVDA as well. I have yet to try it, like I said; MIRC is finally for the first time demanding that I  register and buy the product (after eighteen + years of ignoring the message to register .. no kidding) I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.


The help system in MIRC is quite good. You can do all commands from the keyboard with the / prefix. Channels and private chat and file transfers all have their own  windows in the program, which you can access from the keyboard. In channels where there is a lot of traffic, you might have trouble keeping up as text scrolls on the screen really quickly. You can set things like audio alerts to announce events within the program. All in all, although I’m not the IRC user I once was (mostly because my favourite haunts largely went silent), it’s still my favourite method of internet chat, and of course you can use it for other things as well.




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Subject: [nvda] IRC, instructions on how to use, and NVDA accessibility


I'm thinking about entering the world of IRC. I've heard it's fairly accessible for blind users. How accessible is it with NVDA, and how would I go about learning how to use, set up, etc? Thanks for any help.

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