Announcement regarding Bloomberg software

Adriani Botez

Dear all,

some of you might already have heared about Bloomberg Terminal and Bloomberg
Professional. This is the software environment on which every big finance
company including stock exchanges are relying when it comes to financial
analysis (i.e. last news, share prices, commodity prices, charts, trends and
what not).
It is the most common software in banks, financial institutions and hedge

Blind and visually impaired people did not have access to this software and
so, many people could not apply for a job in this area because they did not
have the possibility to work productively with the terminal.

Now, I am in conversations with our Bloomberg customer relationship manager
and they are very interested to make Bloomberg accessible for everyone.

I will probably get a test account for a limited time and tey just confirmed
that this account can be used worldwide. The purpose is to start a worldwide
testing phase where blind and visually impaired users provide their feedback
about Bloomberg software environment. If possible in connection with
Bloomberg keyboard.

We need as many users and developers as possible who are interested in
testing this software. It is important that the tester is interested in
financial topics.

Your answers are appreciated, in case you are interested to test the
Bloomberg Professional.

Best regards

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