Re: using facebook as a blind(how to mension someone, how to tag someone...)

Sarah k Alawami

To tag soeone just put the at sign then their name, then down arrow until you find it and hit enter. This is how I do it but maybe thee is a better way.

hope that helps

On Mar 15, 2018, at 10:59 AM, J.G <jozko.gregorc@...> wrote:


may be this topic was already discussed but anyway... I was not regular fb user but now I must learn it as much as possible due to job reasons. I use Firefox with NVDA as my combination of web browser and screen reader.
can anyone help me with materials, from which I could learn or give me tips and treacks how to mension someone/fb page, how to tag someone, how to manage a fb page/ community effectively etc.
any suggestion will be appreciated.

kind regards, Jožef

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