Re: Tips for Using Thunderbird v52.6 with NVDA 2018.1?

chris miles

On 15/03/2018 19:32, Kenny wrote:

I've finally decided to give up my Eudora Pro v7.1 email client for Thunderbird. I'm pleasantly surprised how accessible it is using NVDA 2018.1.

I'm now wanting to become more efficient in reading/navigating messages.

In JAWS, I simply created a frame for the Eudora Pro view message window that was automatically read each time I highlighted a new message subject using the up and down arrow keys.

If I wanted to read the entire message body, I just hit [Enter] on the subject. Very quick and efficient.

The message preview pain for Thunderbird doesn't seem to be readable though using the NVDA review cursor.

Is there any way to configure Thunderbird v52.6 in a way where I could quickly read the message body preview and jump to the next message in the conversation quickly?

I'm very new to both NVDA and Thunderbird, so any configuration tips, keyboard shortcuts etc suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Here's a few short cuts:-

When you have the list of messages shown:-

Press F - moves to the next message

B - moves back one message

N - moves to next level

I have my TB set up to read by subject and have group by search checked.

This puts all of thread into one message; press right arrow to go into next level (says expanded), pressĀ  down arrow and press enter to open message. Or press N for next level and press enter on message.

To go back to list press Control and W.

I also use Lightning and first letter navigation in the tree use add on's.

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