Re: Help: NVDA does not recognize objects anymore

Michel Such

Thanks very much,

I already have this next version, but did not notice this registration fixing tool.

I'll try it to-morrow.

Le 15/03/2018 à 21:28, Gene New Zealand a écrit :


the following might help. There is a next snap shot that is meant to fix it but not sure if it is totally finished for the tool.

the snap shot was created last night and can be found at

You can jump down by headings to where the next snap shots are and there is a download link.

But if it is the same bug i have seen you will not be able to use your browser to get it. may be a sighted friend can grab it for you?

I am just downloading it now and will also drop box it for you if you can not get it that way. It can be gotten from

If you do the following in the email to get it you should get it down. Locate  the second link which is the drop box link with the letter k for link in the email. Then  you will need to use the applications key on the link then arrow down to save link i think it is then press the enter key. It will ask you to save it some where save it some where easy to find like the desk top.

If you can not use nvda you might have to use narrator to locate the link and do the same.

When the file is on the desk top or where ever you put it locate the next snapshot file then press the enter key on it. It should start up with the musical sound. there will be the documentation screen tab to the check box and agree to it. It should not have to be installed. Tab again then use the nvda key + letter N to get into the nvda preferences then arrow down to tools a sub menu will come off it then locate the comms fixing tool I forget what it is called. You will know it when you come across it. Press the enter key on it it will then come up with a message likeit had to do some thing to the registery i can not remember the wording tab to the yes button then press the enter key on it.

Sorry i can not help you after that. I am thinking it should fix the problems you might have to do a reboot but not sure as i have not used the tool which is actually a snap shot.

I will also put in the other way from off my website below.

It has to be followed to a T

Troubleshooting - NVDA says “unknown” or “pane” in all of your browsers, Mozilla Thunderbird email client and other places
If for some reason you have problems with NVDA saying “unknown” or “pane” check for the following symptoms:

In all of your browsers, or the Mozilla Thunderbird email client, no matter what you do, you still hear “unknown” or “pane”.

In the browser, email client and other menus you notice you cannot get into your menus, or you are unable to use the quick navigation keys

When you have been told the page is loaded and notice strange behaviour

Mozilla Thunderbird saying unknown while you try to navigate it

Your applications key does not work with it being spoken out and other strange behaviour in Windows

The running applications icons are not being spoken out
It might be a good idea to do the following:
Please note: If you are hearing “unknown” or “pane” (as discussed above) NVDA might seem like it is still working properly but it may not be completely in Windows and other programmes.
You could try the following solution which will allow you to re-register your dll files in case they are causing the problem.
Press the Windows key then type the following into the search box. Type in “command prompt”. Once you have located command prompt, in the search results, press the Applications key to bring up the context menu. Arrow down to select “run as administrator” and press the Enter key. This will take you to a command prompt window. This will not be spoken out. You may need sighted assistance for this.
Type in the following command
for %x in (c:\windows\system32\*.dll) do regsvr32 /s %x
This should re-register all components in the system32 folder.
When it is finished, you can close the command prompt window with the Alt + F4 key. You should notice now where NVDA was saying “unknown” as in some examples given, NVDA should now read the icons in the running applications area of Windows, speak the content of the webpage and menus, and also in Mozilla Thunderbird and other places in Windows including the Windows applications context menu.

hopefully one of the ways either the snap shot or this way will hopefully fix it for you.

By the way if the latest snapshot fixes it can you let us know please.

Gene nz

On 3/16/2018 3:59 AM, Michel Such wrote:

Hi all,

I encounter a very strange problem on a machine where all used to work fine.

It runs Windows 10 latest update and NVDA 2018.1.

In Mozilla apps, (thunderbird, Firefox) any object is announced as "unknown".

More generally, in any app, conext menus are nomore spoken.

I triend to uninstall and reinstall NVDA, even deleting the NVDA configuration directory, but it definitely does not work.

Has anyone encountered this and know how to fix it ?

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