Re: Tips for Using Thunderbird v52.6 with NVDA 2018.1?

John Isige

Don't see why not. Give it a shot and let us know.

On 3/15/2018 16:41, Casey wrote:
hi will this add on work in windows seven as well?

On 3/15/2018 3:17 PM, John Isige wrote:
Here you go.

Either save it somewhere and then go and open it, or open it right from your browser, tell it to use NVDA to open it if it asks for a program. Tell NVDA you want to install it, restart NVDA when it asks you if you want to restart, done.

On 3/15/2018 14:49, Kenny wrote:

Do you know the name of this add-on? I should be able to track it down hopefully.

Never installed an add-on for an email client before, hope it's not difficult to do.

On 3/15/2018 3:42 PM, John Isige wrote:
I just hit enter on a message if I want to read it, but if you go to the community addons site, tools/manage addons and then hit the "get more addons" button, there's an addon for Mozilla stuff that does what you want, I think. I've never tried it because I don't use the preview pane at all, but I'm pretty sure it has something that reads it, a keystroke or whatever.

I can't think of any tips or keystrokes, it's pretty accessible out of the box so whatever it has for defaults should be fine. But I us it all the time and have for years, so if you've got any specific questions, I might be able to help with those.

On 3/15/2018 14:32, Kenny wrote:

I've finally decided to give up my Eudora Pro v7.1 email client for Thunderbird. I'm pleasantly surprised how accessible it is using NVDA 2018.1.

I'm now wanting to become more efficient in reading/navigating messages.

In JAWS, I simply created a frame for the Eudora Pro view message window that was automatically read each time I highlighted a new message subject using the up and down arrow keys.

If I wanted to read the entire message body, I just hit [Enter] on the subject. Very quick and efficient.

The message preview pain for Thunderbird doesn't seem to be readable though using the NVDA review cursor.

Is there any way to configure Thunderbird v52.6 in a way where I could quickly read the message body preview and jump to the next message in the conversation quickly?

I'm very new to both NVDA and Thunderbird, so any configuration tips, keyboard shortcuts etc suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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