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Quentin Christensen

Yes I remember having "Acquire text" in the Word file menu back in the (pre Word 2007) day.  I think mine was part of Omnipage from memory, but either way that's definitely the kind of functionality I'd be interested in, and I expect most have a ribbon add-on these days.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts - no purchase yet, but lots of new information.

Kind regards


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Back in the old days, well today actually as I'm still doing it on windows 7, I had Office pro xp/2002, and that had office tools one item of which was scan and ocr. This worked as follows. After you loaded the drivers for the scanner in question, the program asked you to select it as default, only done the once. it then scanned each page and you could bring down a menu at any time when the scan image was on screen and an option copy recognised text to a new word document was there and you operated it and there you were.  What it could be set to also do was put the unrecognised stuff in as graphics, which I found not very helpful so never allowed it.

You could then edit it as needed  It did preserve formatting in that it would attempt to use spaces to do the formatting but seldom got it completely correct.

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As far as I know, the document that appeared in the program window was never properly accessible.  I don't have Word.  I used the program a little many years ago.  I would scan a page. Select all, control a, copy it to the clipboard, then paste into a Notepad file.  I wanted a text copy, not a copy with formatting.  It was just for my own reading. Then I would scan another page and repeat the procedure.  I don’t know what the program did in general.  The version I had would ask me if I wanted to save the text, as I recall.  I said no and scanned the next page, selected the text, copied it to the clipboard, etc.

I didn't have a program like Word to scan the text into.  It was a little cumbersome but it wasn't bad.

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This is good news.
What do you mean by "scanner document"?

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Yes v14 is pritty much accessible.

There are menus, and a few buttons I have never got the scanner document to be accessible but everything else is.

On 3/03/2018 5:14 a.m., Mary Otten wrote:
It is great that so many have good luck with Abbyy version 12, but
since it is no longer sold, the question really is: is version 114
accessible? There has been discussion on 2 lists, and thus far, I've
seen 0 people saying they use version 14.

With all due respect, what good are reports of accessibility for a
version that is no longer available for purchase?


On 3/2/2018 8:01 AM, Giles Turnbull wrote:
I too am a big fan of ABBYY Fine Reader. i use version 12 and don't
have any accessibility concerns with it. I find their support email
very quick and friendly too. I was curious whether I could use the
same purchased licence on my laptop and tablet or if I'd need to
install another purchased copy onto the tablet. I received this reply:

According to the End-User License Agreement (EULA) you may install
ABBYY FineReader 12 Professional on two computers, but you may not
use the software on both in the same time.
So in order to use the software on your tablet computer, please close
ABBYY FineReader 12 on the laptop (please check in the system tray,
if all the applications, such as Screenshot Reader and Business Card
Reader are also closed).

Most times I use ABBYY to open a PDF doc into Word and then paste the
text from there into a Notepad file. Using the main ABBYY window
rather than the context menu option to convert to Word, I don't find
ABBYY 12 menus respond any slower than any other program with NVDA.
My only minor disappointment is that it seems very much tied to
Microsoft formats. Yes it'll convert PDFs into Word and Excel, but
why can't it convert the unformatted text into a .txt file?

I too purchased KNFB Reader when it was on cheap price offer, but I
don't find it easy to navigate the interface. Interestingly,
according to the Kurzweil website, K1000 uses "The ABBYY FineReader
Version 11 OCR engine provides the most accurate OCR available. For
the best possible scanning results,"


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