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Are you getting any of the problems as mentioned in this email below?

If it is what another person had on the list his got fixed tonight.

Not saying what problems you are having and where etc people can not help much.

Troubleshooting - NVDA says “unknown” or “pane” in all of your browsers, Mozilla Thunderbird email client and other places
If for some reason you have problems with NVDA saying “unknown” or “pane” check for the following symptoms:

In all of your browsers, or the Mozilla Thunderbird email client, no matter what you do, you still hear “unknown” or “pane”.

In the browser, email client and other menus you notice you cannot get into your menus, or you are unable to use the quick navigation keys

When you have been told the page is loaded and notice strange behaviour

Mozilla Thunderbird saying unknown while you try to navigate it

Your applications key does not work with it being spoken out and other strange behaviour in Windows

The running applications icons are not being spoken out
It might be a good idea to do the following:
Please note: If you are hearing “unknown” or “pane” (as discussed above) NVDA might seem like it is still working properly but it may not be completely in Windows and other programmes.
You could try the following solution which will allow you to re-register your dll files in case they are causing the problem.
Press the Windows key then type the following into the search box. Type in “command prompt”. Once you have located command prompt, in the search results, press the Applications key to bring up the context menu. Arrow down to select “run as administrator” and press the Enter key. This will take you to a command prompt window. This will not be spoken out. You may need sighted assistance for this.
Type in the following command
for %x in (c:\windows\system32\*.dll) do regsvr32 /s %x
This should re-register all components in the system32 folder.
When it is finished, you can close the command prompt window with the Alt + F4 key. You should notice now where NVDA was saying “unknown” as in some examples given, NVDA should now read the icons in the running applications area of Windows, speak the content of the webpage and menus, and also in Mozilla Thunderbird and other places in Windows including the Windows applications context menu.

On 3/16/2018 3:14 PM, Debra Gardner wrote:
Well, I am at a loss as far as NVDA is concerned.  I have the latest update for both Windows 10 and NVDA  and it still doesn't see taskbar, start menu, context menus, and web pages.  I was afraid it was just me, but I installed it on a friend's computer that had just had Windows 10 re-installed and although it recognizes the taskbar and start menu, it does _not recognize web pages and just goes silent.  The frustrating part for the developers I would think is that this problem isn't something that is across the board on everyone's windows 10 computer.  Some people seem to be doing quite nicely from what I'm seeing on this list.  I'm just fortunate not to have to depend on NVDA, but my friend does  and I will have to find a work-around  for when she wants to go on the web.. 

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