IMPORTANT (community help needed): tracking down add-ons not compatible with wxPython 4


Dear NVDA community,


A few days ago, I sent out a community wide advisory regarding wxPython 4 and NVDA. For people who’ve received it, this is a follow-up to that advisory. For those reading it the first time, please pay attention, as it involves not only users, but also developers and other members of the community.


I have become aware of more add-ons not compatible with wxPython 4. Specifically, the following add-ons were reported as having issues on NVDA next snapshots powered by wxPython 4:


  • RSS Feeds
  • Braille Extender
  • Possibly others.


If you are using recent NVDA next snapshots (powered by wxPython 4) and find that one or more add-ons you’ve got are not working or causes issues, please let the community know IMMEDIATELY. Depending on what happens after that, the community may flag the add-on as “incompatible” until the add-on is updated.


Also, depending on who you are, please follow one or more of the following directives:


  • Users: please report incompatible add-ons ASAP so the community can record compatible and incompatible add-ons. In order to do so, you need to be running NVDA next snapshots (portable version will work). If the add-on developer does not respond to your requests to update add-ons, please bring it to the community’s attention so we can take it from there (sending a letter to the add-on writer, flagging the add-on as incompatible and what not).
  • Add-on writers: if you get a report of your add-on not working with wxPython 4, please edit your code and/or release an update as soon as possible and no later than release of the next NVDA version following the release of a stable release powered by wxPython 4 (e.g. if 2018.2 is powered by wxPython 4, please release a compatible version no later than September 1, 2018 or when NVDA 2018.3 is released, whichever happens earlier). This is so that we can guarantee our add-ons are working for users without disruptions.
  • Core developers: please keep an eye on wxPython 4 issues.
  • Translators and local ambassadors: please pass this onto your language communities, as community-specific add-ons (including for specific languages) are bound by the same timeline as above (no exceptions).
  • Others in the community: please help out in any way you can.


I’m sending this advisory for two reasons: NVDA add-ons are community-driven, so a community effort is needed to bring them up to date; we’ll go through this again (but on a more massive scale) once we transition to Python 3.


Thank you.



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