[TechTalk] Alert Windows Live Mail users, scam email warning

Ron Canazzi

I am confused.  Some of you say the Windows Live Mail issue is true and this individual--having talked to Microsoft personally says I was right all along.  It is definitely spam.

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Hi Group,

If any of you are Windows Live Mail users, there is a possibility that you may receive an email with a subject line something like:

“Outlook: Alert Windows Live Mail Users”

This email will contain the version of your WLM installation and a message saying that outlook.com is about to einitiate some changes that will make the service much better for it’s users. But, as a result of these changes, Windows Live Mail will no longer be able to sync with outlook.com. You will be offered some alternatives for your email including:
Using the Mail app in Windows 8.1 or 10.
Using the outlook.com website.
Or, Downloading and installing a free one year subscription to Office 365 Personal, which contains Outlook 2016.
I did have Office 365 Personal for awhile, and it did not include Outlook as I remember. The other thing about this email, is that it was sent from the email address: email2@..., which just looks suspicious to me, it should be from either Windows or Outlook.com. I called Microsoft support to have them check this email out, and sure enough, they came back saying that there is no such email address associated with Microsoft in any way, and that the links within the email are not linked to a Microsoft site. “This is definitely a scam email”.

Should you receive an email of this sort, please call Microsoft Accessibility Support before deleting it. They took a copy of the email plus an image of the actual links that were in the message which were labeled in a misleading manner.


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