Re: Double characters while using Firefox 58 with NVDA 2018.1 in Google Docs


but i wish that nvda developers fix this bug.

On 3/16/18, Governor staten <> wrote:
This about describes the problem. It is easier to write in an editor
like notepad or Jarte and paste it into the browser, or email.


On 3/16/2018 6:37 AM, zahra wrote:
the characters speak double for example: i want to navigate in the
word mercy letter by letter.
in the first, i press right arrow nvda says m, in the second press of
right arrow, nvda again says m instead of e!
even i want to navigate line by line, nvda repeates previous line when
i press down arrow!
see the link which i provided.
i did not see google docs, but i have this problem in any edit boxes of
so, i write my text in notepad plus plus, copy and peist in the edit
boxes of firefox.

On 3/16/18, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io
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I gave up on google docs. they keep on changing the thing. When you say
double do you mean in reality, or just spoken twice?
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Google Docs

The subject line is pretty descriptive of what is going on. We are
Google Docs to edit a document, and we see double characters while

to edit things we type. I thought that this was conquered? We are using
NVDA 2018.1 with Firefox 58.

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