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Where can I get Waterfox?

Greetings - Hermann


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Yes I have been using it as my default browser ever since Firefox
started being difficult I particularly like the inbuilt reader function
which strips links and ads out - control alt and r.
There are only a couple of issues.
For me in some edit boxes I get a very verbose feedback with the whole
string being announced every time I type a character. This tends to be
some google edit boxes but not all of them for some reason.
The other main issue is that for some reason some sites like Amazon
insists on occasionally interpreting Waterfox as a mobile device. This
restricts access to buying Kindle books and sometimes one click ordering.
Again this is not consistent. In these circumstances I simply copy the url
from Waterfox to chrome to complete the transaction if I am having
difficulties in Waterfox.
David Griffith

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From: Rosemarie Chavarria
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Subject: [nvda] waterfox

Hi, everyone,

I just downloaded waterfox and checked out the weather forcast for my area
using the braille weather underground site and waterfox is amazingly fast!
I think I'll really like using it.


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