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I don't use Word nor do I know a lot about various word processor formatting options.  but, if this document is just for your use, you could do what I do to mark things.  I place something which isn't going to be found elsewhere in the document, such as an asterisk before something I want to be able to find.  You can then use the Word search and find next feature to find all such symbols moving through the document.

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Thanks guys. I have my document set up with headers. I’m looking for a way that I can go to specific lines under each header. For example, when I could see and was reading a textbook, I would underline the specific lines or paragraphs I wanted to go back and review. When it came time to study for a test, I could just review the things I had underlined. What’s an equivalent way to do that for a blind person. I would like to be able to use single key navigation to go quickly through the specific items I want to go back and review. If I did some kind of track change notation on each item I wanted to review, I could use “a” for annotation and do it. Is there a simpler way? Thanks for any suggestions.

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