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Since this is your personal word document, you don't need to be formal.
Landmarks can look like something as simple as "Greg1", "Greg2", etc. Not
very suffisticated but it will serve.

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Thanks guys. I have my document set up with headers. I'm looking for a way
that I can go to specific lines under each header. For example, when I
could see and was reading a textbook, I would underline the specific lines
or paragraphs I wanted to go back and review. When it came time to study
for a test, I could just review the things I had underlined. What's an
equivalent way to do that for a blind person. I would like to be able to
use single key navigation to go quickly through the specific items I want
to go back and review. If I did some kind of track change notation on each
item I wanted to review, I could use "a" for annotation and do it. Is
there a simpler way? Thanks for any suggestions.

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