Re: Firefox seems slower?


Well using more than 4gb ram, and faster bootup.

There is one advantage there.

The other thing is that you can no longer buy 32 bit cpus.

You don't get dos emulation but thats just about it, a lot of stuff is moving toward 64 bit now days.

On 16/03/2018 11:32 p.m., zahra wrote:
but i prefer to use 32bit version of windows and 32bit versions of
software forever.
i did not see any advantage in 64bit for myself personally.

On 3/16/18, Shaun Everiss <sm.everiss@...> wrote:
Which is fine for most newer systems you can't buy 32 bit systems at all
and everything will go 64 bit eventually 32 bit emulation is still

On 15/03/2018 6:09 p.m., zahra wrote:
yes, waterfox is based on firefox, but only supports 64 bit windows!

On 3/15/18, Jaffar Sidek <jaffar.sidek10@...> wrote:
Hi.  Someone did bring up the value of migrating to the Waterfox web
browser sometime ago.  Well, I took Waterfox for a spin and I am
converted.  I'm not sure if Waterfox uses the mozilla engine, but it
seems to be faster and smoother and less cluttered than Firefox.  I
tried it with both Jaws and NVDA, and NVDA came up tops.  You can't go
far wrong if you at least give Waterfox a try.  Google for it.  If you
are willing to get off your comfort zone and work with something
different, you'll reap the nenifits immediately.  Anyway, there is not
much of a difference in Waterfox's and Firefox's interface, so the
learning curve isn't steep.  Cheers!

On 14/3/2018 8:12 PM, Matt Turner wrote:
Hi folks.

Does anyone find that firefox is really slow?

I'm using nvda 2018.1.

As for firefox, I've tried all of the beta/ nightly channels, but
chrome, seems to run alot faster.

Is it just the computer, or just me.

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