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John Isige

You can give Microsoft feedback from within the weather app, you might try that, or calling the disability desk, if they take accessibility feedback. I see that each of the months are buttons but hitting space or enter on them doesn't seem to do anything, and object navigation doesn't seem to find anything either, though that could just be me missing something.

On 3/17/2018 0:12, Joseph Lee wrote:
When I tried with Narrator, it won't read daily summary. I'm thinking it is either a graphic or UI Automation does not expose this information. Because NVDA will look at UIA elements, it is limited to what UIA says (unless I write mitigations). As a result, fixing this from NVDA side (via my add-on) won't work well.
Speaking of Windows 10 App Essentials and its development: unlike most add-ons out there, Windows 10 App Essentials is one of two add-ons that is governed by continuous delivery model (the other is StationPlaylist Studio add-on). This means that, as long as Windows 10 exists and NVDA can run on it, Windows 10 App Essentials add-on will be developed, with new features and bug fixes released anytime. Thus, you can assume that this add-on is under constant development. Because I do know that some people prefer not to be disturbed all the time with new add-on releases, I limit stable releases to once or twice a month, with development snapshots released at least once a week (there were times when snapshots came out every day).
A few more things about add-on development:
* There are at least two active branches, sometimes more. The active ones are stable and development branches. As of this moment there are actually three public update branches: stable for those who want to use tested code; development branch for those who'd like to try out new things here and there; pilot builds (a special configuration of development branch) meant to test really bleeding-edge code under latest Windows 10 release and with NVDA next snapshots. Including private labs, I have up to five branches (the fourth is to test latest UIA interfaces, and the last one is to test what happens once I remove support for Windows 10 Version 1703 from this add-on).
* A Windows 10 release is supported for a limited time. Once a feature update is made available to everyone, I provide support for it for about a year. For example, I began supporting Version 1703 (original Creators Update) in March 2017, and I'm ending support for that release in June 2018. Version 1709 (Fall Creators Update) support will be provided until December 2018 and so on. This is done to emphasize the fact that Windows 10 is a service, with new builds released twice a year.
* Add-on content is in constant flux. This is the case when I write a workaround for a feature introduced in a Windows Insider build, only to discover later that my workaround doesn't work anymore or became unnecessary (a classic example is emoji panel entry in Version 1709 and later). Working with an add-on that goes through constant change is both fun and difficult; fun because I get to help someone somewhere achieve better productivity under Windows 10; difficult because it requires hunting deep inside apps to find out what's up. Perhaps because of this reason, Windows 10 App Essentials is perhaps the most powerful add-on you'll come across (second only to more recent ones such as Remote Support and DictationBridge).
Hope this helps.

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Hi Group,

Some sighted people have told me that in the Windows 10 Weather App, under the history tab, you can get a break down of daily information. Using the NVDA Windows 10 Essentials add on, I can only get the monthly information. For example, if I go to the History tab and select temperature, when I tab to the list of item, all I see is the monthly information. However, when I press insert + B, after hearing a bunch of superfluous information, I hear the information for the first day of what ever month I have chosen. I assume that this means that in fact, might sighted friends are correct. If you can use a mouse, you can scroll to the daily information for each month.

My question is: is this Windows 10 essentials add on a work in progress? If so, are there going to be near future attempts to give us access to this daily information under the history tab?

Thanks for any help.

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