HELP! Windows can't update


Afternoon All,

Let’s start with the fact that forever, I was a WindowEyes worshiper. Second, this is not specifically an NVDA issue. The move to Windows ten went without a hitch. However, new updates have failed. The problem stated by the updater, was that I had incompatible software that the updater could not remove, and that I had to do this manually. The program listed was WindowEyes. When I moved to that other screen reader, I did a standard removed of WE and it no longer is listed as an installed program. Went and did a computer wide search of as many iterations of WindowEyes and GW Micro that I could think up. I did find some lingering fragments of WE and removed them as well. Here I am and the Windows updater has the same issue.

The only place I can think of that has WE fragments left is the registry. Even my nephew who worked as a school tech support person won’t edit that. So much of what info there is about registry cleaners does not make me smile. I have used Wise Registry Cleaner once and with success. I used it as it appeared to be the most trusted by folks writing reviews on line. However it is generally inaccessible with two screen readers. I feel that I was just lucky the time I used it. Here on the list, members have talked about C Cleaner, but again the online comments about it and any registry cleaner are mixed at best.

There be my problem! Is there anybody out there with a solution that is nonthreatening to my registry? ?.

Thanks for any ideas and I hope the luck of the Irish will bring me a pot of golden assistance,


Dr. Rick Ely

TVI, Vision Consultant

451 Rocky Hill Road

Florence, MA 01062

&413()  727-3038

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