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John Covici

I think that is correct. I have a .zip file of my WE cd, but its on
another drive, so make sure you don't have even a .zip file containing
WindowEyes on your main drive. Now I have WindowEyes actually
installed and Windows does update successfully, I was able to get
2018.02 update.

On Sat, 17 Mar 2018 13:25:53 -0400,
David Griffith wrote:

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I saw this problem on another list and it turned out that bizarrely even if you have completely removed Window Eyes from your system doing a uninstall etc you can still have problems if there is any trace of a Window Eyes setup file
present on the drive. I have my old Window Eyes files on another secondary drive so I have not personally come across this problem.

This problem persisted even though the lister explained that his old Window Eyes setup files had been compressed into an archive, I cannot remember if it was a zip or rar file.

So Window Eyes was not installed and the old setup files were having no impact on his system at all, but he could not proceed with his Windows 10 upgrade until he had removed these old compressed setup files from the drive.

I imagine the same problem exists if you have any setup files for Window Eyes anywhere.

Once he had removed them though he was able to proceed.

Pretty odd but that is what he reported.

David Griffith

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Subject: [nvda] HELP! Windows can't update

Afternoon All,

Let’s start with the fact that forever, I was a WindowEyes worshiper. Second, this is not specifically an NVDA issue. The move to Windows ten went without a hitch. However, new updates have failed. The problem stated by the updater, was
that I had incompatible software that the updater could not remove, and that I had to do this manually. The program listed was WindowEyes. When I moved to that other screen reader, I did a standard removed of WE and it no longer is
listed as an installed program. Went and did a computer wide search of as many iterations of WindowEyes and GW Micro that I could think up. I did find some lingering fragments of WE and removed them as well. Here I am and the Windows
updater has the same issue.

The only place I can think of that has WE fragments left is the registry. Even my nephew who worked as a school tech support person won’t edit that. So much of what info there is about registry cleaners does not make me smile. I have
used Wise Registry Cleaner once and with success. I used it as it appeared to be the most trusted by folks writing reviews on line. However it is generally inaccessible with two screen readers. I feel that I was just lucky the time I
used it. Here on the list, members have talked about C Cleaner, but again the online comments about it and any registry cleaner are mixed at best.

There be my problem! Is there anybody out there with a solution that is nonthreatening to my registry? ?.

Thanks for any ideas and I hope the luck of the Irish will bring me a pot of golden assistance,


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