Re: accessing links in a Kindle book with the Kindle app and NVDA

Mary Otten

Thanks. I was hoping that if I went to full screen mode with F11 from within a book, it would take everything off the screen and then maybe tab would work to cycle around with links. But no. It doesn’t. I don’t understand why they had to make tab what they did. It’s really a pain. I appreciate being able to move out of the book to the table of contents with a keystroke. But if they insisted on making a tab, they should at least have something else that lets you find a link.

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Here is a link to a list of key commands for the Amazon Kindle running on a PC. Did not see just what you were looking for, but there may be something you can use.

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I am a big fan of cookbooks, and they often have lots of links to the various recipes. But you can't just start tabbing when you are in a Kindle book, because the first tab takes you out of the text and into the table of contents. Very nice, but not when you want to see links. So how to see links?


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