problem updating to NVDA 2018.1

Mr. Wong Chi Wai, William <>

Hi all,
I come across the following problem when updating my old NVDA version.
1. Win 7 professional with NVDA 2014.4 installed
2. downloaded NVDA2018.1 and run the exe file
3. progress as usual, yet, when the program was installing, the following error message pop up
The installation is unable to remove or overwrite a file. Another copy of NVDA
may be running on another logged-on user account. Please make sure all
installed copies of NVDA are shut down and try the installation again.

Retry Cancel
4. I try clicking retry and the problem is still there
5. I then click cancel and the install program quit
6. I press ctrl alt n want to call back the original NVDA, however, the old NVDA didn't run.
 7. with sighted assistance, I try running the 2018 exe file again, however the same error message appear again.
8. I try logout again and run the 2018 installer again, however the error appear again
9. I have to run the old NVDA 2014.4 installer, and the NVDA is restored

Any advice would be helpful, thanks.

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