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That isn't clear.  If she unloads NVDA and runs it without rebooting, are the settings kept?  Where does NVDA save its settings in the installed version?  We know the portable version doesn't save them in the registry but what about the installed version?  If settings are retained when the screen-reader is unloaded and then run again without rebooting and if the settings are lost when a reboot is done, that implies, at least to me, that settings are kept in the registry and that there is a prroblem keeping the registry from retaining the settings.  We'll see what others say and how things develop. 

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She says it only happens when she re-boots. I corrected it again today, and checked the preferences box to tell it to save settings. I will try the ctrl key + nvda key + the letter C  next time I log in remotely.


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Could she be using the synth ring key combinations accidentally somehow?

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Subject: [nvda] Voice settings spontaneously resetting to eSpeak

I have been using N V D A for several years on behalf of a blind lady in Texas, who I now support remotely.

Recently, N V D A has been spontaneously returning to an eSpeak voice instead of her preference, which is the Microsoft Zira voice for the M S A P I 5. I have checked the "save settings on exit" but that doesn't seem to make any difference.

She has a slight hearing deficit that makes it more difficult to understand the "mechanical man" (her term), and has had to have me set it back to Zira several times in the last few weeks.

Is there a command sequence that I can put into a startup file that can force the choice of synth and voice?


Howard Lee Harkness

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